Monday, November 1, 2010

Live 5 news have been using our HD cameras for their weather report for quite some time now. With the fair coming to town they asked to use one of our cameras as an overhead shot of the fair to broadcast during the weather report and during the fair report.
Since then, we have had a lot of inquiries of hotels, restaurants and other businesses that want our cameras to view a particular area on which they can embed on their website or to use on commercials or the air waves. Since our cameras provide higher than HD video quality, no matter what format you use, the picture will be crisp, detailed and clear.
You can visit Live 5 News website for other webcams they have embedded in their website and you can also stay tuned to their news reports during the morning, afternoon and evenings for the actual view of our cameras through an HD TV.
See the picture below of the Live 5 News Coastal Carolina Fair Webcam.


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