Monday, February 1, 2010

I get this question a lot. Jose, you seem to provide solutions for large companies. Do you have a solution that will work for me?

Take a look at this:

A few weeks ago, we installed a Hemispheric camera in a neighborhood in Charlotte, NC. The neighborhood’s gazebo was being vandalized on a regular basis. The home owners association need a total coverage of the gazebo and hired ComSurv for the job.
In order to be able to capture the area 100% we decided to use our High Definition hemispheric camera. The camera will sit in a vandal proof enclosure to handle extreme vandalism. The camera was also put inside a secure network which can be access wirelessly throughout the neighborhood by the member of the association.
The end result, a very happy and satisfied satisfied customer.
Please see the picture below.

HD Hemispheric Security Camera Myrtle Beach C

HiDef Hepispheric Camera with vandal enclosure


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