Monday, November 9, 2009

Mobotix released their first mobotix iPhone application. It still has a lot of progress to do as it is not that optimized for viewing or reviewing video or taking snap shots but it is a start to their investment in the mobile world.

Mobotix, since I know you read my blog. THese is what I would like to see for the iphone app:

1) Multiple camera view
2) Review video
3) Zoom capabilities
4) Snap shot
5) Record unto the device
6) Setup (Even though we can setup through safari

Also, please release the mac version of control center.

For all other readers, here are a few pictures taken from the iPhone for your enjoyment.


  1. macadoo said...
    Seems like all it offers is a live feed. Does the pause/play buttons do anything?

    Knowing the online status of a lot of cameras on one screen is excellen.
    José A. Noy said...
    THis is kinda of a beta version. It does need a lot of improvements. The Play and Pause do nothing... its just a live version. Keep checking in as I will post when final version is available.

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