Monday, July 21, 2008

Society teaches us not to fail.... corporate world teaches us not to fail (If you do.... your job may be affected).... school teaches you no to fail.... family teaches you no to fail.

We live with the concept that failure is a bad word.... it is like, if you fail, you are a FALURE and somewhat, an outcast. We are competing and WE HAVE TO WIN. You are labeled and sometimes not only is it difficult to overcome it with our friends, peers and co-workers but it is also difficult for us to accept that we have failed. We burden ourself with that thought.... we damn ourselves and that is when Satan takes hold of our lives and leads us to distruction. It all starts with a simple failure.

Since when is failure a bad word. Actually, it should be an uplifting word. It is like Thomas Edison said when he invented the light bulb.....

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

He gets it..... failure is an option and sometimes THE OPTION.... then if that is the case, why is it still a bad word in peoples eyes? I beleive that we are bombarded from every direction, that we cannot fail and if we do, we are a failure. That is a lie that takes a hold on many people.

I remember a year ago.... I got hired to be a Family Pastor at Mosaic.... I have never done it and things just seemed to not be going right. It seemed that I spent more time putting out fires and losing battles.... I was failing in the one thing I was hired to do.... I was discouraged. Then my pastor came and gave me a praise for the things I was doing.... I was seeing things through the wrong eyes.... in my eyes and in the eyes of many.. I was failing but now looking back a year and half... we have suceeded. But if it wasnt for those failing moments... I would have not succeeded.

Did you know that God loves failure... God uses the failures in our lives to lift us up and renew us. He sometimes lets us fail many times because he uses failures to succeed.

What have you failed on that God has used for His glory?


  1. Renee said...
    I am so grateful that God often works through our failures to teach, direct and grow us! Several years ago my family and I decided that Home Education was the best choice for our family. We had many close friends who were already "homeschooling" with great sucess. We patterened ourselves after those families. Trying very hard to do things exactly the way they did...same schedules, curriculum, goals. What a gigantic flop for us! We failed to stop and ask God his goals and objectives for our family. It didn't take long for us to realize that everyone has a different path to walk, each uniquely designed by God. He took what seemed to be a huge strugle to compete, and turned it into good when we stopped patterening our lives after others and started asking Him for direction.
    I am so grateful for the examples of great people with HUGE failures that God used for the good throughout His Word. We still have not found the perfect format for anything. Instead we pray that God will continue to lead us in our efforts and bless the outcome with his grace! I see the results everyday!
    José A. Noy said...
    Great responce Renee... thanks for your insight.

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