Friday, April 11, 2008

I am overwhelmed with the amount of comments and emails I have read in regards to American Idol singing "Shout to the Lord" from Hillsong.

What shocks me is the fact that most of the people making and judging this action are so called "Christians". I know I will hear it for this one so please save your emails.

I think what happened last night was true worship. Let me tell you why. How many times do you get to hear Gods love and covering during a prime time show? You want to know how many?.....0. ZERO..... nada.... zip. This year in Idol, a worship song made it to the stage. Out of the millions of song they could have sung, they chose a worship song. The choosing of that song had to be divine.

The song Shout to the Lord displays Christ in itself.... I believe that song in itself preaches the gospel better than most preachers. They could have changed the word from Jesus to Shepperd on the Idol gives back night but the following night they left Christ. But either way, Christ name was not only lifted up by unbelievers and believers together but someone that needed to hear that song heard it and was amazed by the words "My savior, my shelter, tower of refuge and strengths" Wow....

I think we Christians do not realize that we are in this earth not to walk like a Christian and hear only christian music and be good. That is called being good.... we are called to do whatever it takes to spread God's kingdom. Rejoice that the number one TV program, not knowingly, witnessed Christ to the world and I DO BELIEVE THAT PEOPLE MET CHRIST LAST NIGHT.

My questions would be.....

"Why would we criticise, complain and judge American Idol for singing a song that worships and praises God? Why?

Gods name was worshiped, spread, praised, encountered, recognized, followed, preached, understood, loved, embraced last night in American Idol. God smiled at us last night.... and thanks to the person that helped that song make it to the stage.


  1. Cristine said...
    I didn't know about this since we haven't been watching Amer. Idol here, but I thought it was awesome! I think these 8 finalists proclaimed God's grateness (even if without knowing it)to more people than we ever have a chance to. If God can use rocks to proclaim His greatness why not a night in American Idol. It's awesome that a worship song made it to so many people (and I really mean MANY, because even here in Brazil Amer. Idol is watched).
    How great!
    Jason K. said...
    ...even the rocks will cry out....

    The simple truth is, we often peg music as either Christian or secular, when it is simply music. Some music glorifies God, others don't. A perfect example was Sidney's rendition of "No One" on Easter.

    That is what that passage is about... that God is so great and wonderful that all of creation will glorify him. I think that the song was awesome, and God was glorified on the what has become our culture's most popular television show.

    More people voted for the American Idol in 2004 than they did for President. And the fact is God's name was magnified before all those people.

    Praise God, the rocks cried out!
    José A. Noy said...
    thanks for your comments

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