Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Visible leadership

Naeem sent this to our staff this past week... it is good and I want to share it with you all.

3 things I’m learning that our staff need. (do try this at home)

1. Visible praise

I’m learning that everyone of us needs visible praise. It is unhealthy to
puff yourself and others up…because it usually leads to pride in their life.
But It is extremely healthy to 'point to publicly' peoples hard work and
good character virtues …because it leads to pride in their work.

1. Visible results

Frankly, I like a scoreboard only when I’m winning. But I'm realizing people
need to know where they are in the game. Without a score board, some people
think they are winning, while others that think that they are are losing.
some think we need to chill while others think that the house is burning
down. Ministry scoreboards are misread all the time. We are not playing
against other churches but Satan.

1. Visible connection

My son, who is four can’t connect the dots, I found out the other day when
we were tackling a drawing book. I remember his facial expressions when he
could not connect the dot- he thought what he was doing was pointless. He
was excited when the big picture was created when I helped him connect the
dots. Most adults have a hard time connecting the dots in life, at work and
in ministry. Most church staff are adults. As a leader we here to create to
big picture by connecting the dots.


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