Thursday, March 13, 2008

A great day.

Today in Charlotte, wasn't only a beautiful day but I did the unthinkable at this time of year..... I took my boat out... yeap the boat.

If you know me very little you might not know this but I am a boat freak... I mean, During the summer time... you will find Jess, the kids and I boating at the lake every weekend. We usually hang out with some other boating friends like the Hammics.... Jason and Naeem tag along often and we do some wake boarding.

Boating is from God.... I mean.... some of his miracles did happen while on a boat.. he even spoke to the crowds from boats... Boating is a Holy Hobby.

For me, it is an experience. It is my home away from home. It is hard to explain why I love boating so much. But it relaxes me like nothing else. It helps me unplug from our daily lives and we are able to invest in each other (My family of course). We spend quality time with the kids and also Jess and I when we go boating. 

You should try it... I know it is not for everyone. But for The Noy family, it is a blast and we get to enjoy it every weekend while the water is warm.

Note: Today the water was very cold but Abi and I went for a ride regardless.

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  1. Filipe Santos said...
    what a life!

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