Friday, February 15, 2008

Jess and I arrived at the hospital at 2:45 this afternoon to deliver our baby. And our experience goes as follows:

1) They took us to our delivery room (Very nice room). It has a plasma TV, jacuzzi, 2 beds (One for me), wifi, a menu for the outstanding affordable room service, plus a few more nice stuff.
2) A nurse came and put the IV on Jess and it got messy, blood on the floor, sheets. I am glad I am not the one in the bed with the baby inside.
3) At 5, I took a nap.
4) At 6pm, The petusin started.
5) At 7pm, Jess's water got broken.
6) At 7:10pm The nurse is organizing the whole bunch of wire and tubes hooked up to Jess.
7) At 7:45 Jess and I got epidurals.... JK (Not me) She is getting a little bit uncomfortable.
8) At 8:45 Jess's contractions are getting heavier. The epidural is numing only one side so it might have to be adjusted.
9) At 9:00 Jess was getting a little worried becasue of the pain.
10) At 9:20 the nurse came and made an emergency call to the doctor since Joseph was peeking out.
11) At 9:28 Joseph blessed us with his presence. At 6.10 lb and 20". He is jsut like his mommy with daddy's nose.

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  1. Phillip McCart said...
    CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!! Glad to hear everything went safe. Can't wait to meet him.

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