Friday, February 29, 2008

Family Business

Let me tell you that I am so excited. here at Mosaic we have had a wave of people that have wanted to help and have stepped up to the plate. We have Phil, a great guy who is going to head our college ministry. Also we have this awesome lady called Renee, who has more knowledge of kids ministry than anyone I know and she is going to head over our discovery lane which is our nursery to pre-k. Chris has come from a merge we had with a church and he started our middle school ministry called the mix. Also to make things even greater, Mosaic hired Todd Phelps who is a great friend of mine and has been a pastor at Seacoast Church and he is going to relieve me from some of my duties so that I can concentrate on family ministry alone.... wow... family ministry alone... that's music to my ears.

Sit back Mosaic cuz the family ministry is going to kick some butts this year.

God has blessed me with a great staff and I am so proud and humbles (If that can go together) TO MANAGE AND LEAD Such A GREAT STAFF!

Will keep you all updated.

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  1. Bill N. said...
    I was wondering how to get in touch with Todd. I did not see his contact info on the Mosiac site.

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