Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Baby Joseph

Well, Alot has happened since my last post. 

1) Our church is growing like crazy. Good things are happening.

2) God is still moving in Waffle House.... yeap, that place is anointed. :)

3) I might get an iPhone.

4) I am getting the boat ready for the lake for this spring. You will always see Jess, the kids and I on the lake on Fridays and Saturdays every weekend. Join us if you like.

5) But the biggest of all is that Baby Joseph will grace us with his precence sometime in the next couple of days. We are all very excited. This is the first child that we have been able to buy things for and decorate nicely. With Abi and Elijah, we where ate the mercy of friends, family and goodwill. So God is good.

6) Business is booming. God really has blessed us and we have been able to secure allot of stores.

7) Someone gave me a nice Beretta 92 as a present.

8) American Idol auditions are finished and we can get into the game.

Good stuff......

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