Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This past weekend I had a very disturbing comment that I heard from someone.

Statistics always say that the weekend after Christmas as well as the weekend after Easter, usually is the lowest attendance weekend for church nationwide. Well, statistics do not work in Mosaic, the weekend after Easter we had more people come to Mosaic than Easter itself, and this past weekend we only had 14 less people than the Christmas service.

Either way, We decided to give volunteers a weekend off and just do 2 services instead of 4 services. Well, we paid for it. Our 11 service was overflowing with people on the hallways, sitting on the stairs, etc...

We know of about 2 couples and 1 family that came for the first time and left the church because we had no place for them. One of the couples was very upset of the fact that we could not seat them. They even said something like "That is why I do not go to church." Then I heard the comment that really drained me.

People like that, we do not belong in church.

What????? Can I say WHAT????

It is people like that that we do church for!

I do not want to offend the person who made the comment because we also do church for folks like him but when did we loose the concept that church is for the sinner, the evil doer, the broken hearted, the drunks, the crack heads as well as the professionals, the saints, the not so much sin, the Christ followers, etc....

Either way, just wanted to get that out of my chest.


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