Thursday, January 24, 2008



I am getting low on post here.... Here is the recap:

1) American Idol: Against Philip McCart, I would have voted for London since she sang for us at Mosaic and also here fiancee (Now husband) is the brother of Mosaic's worship leader. She is also a much better singer than the one Phillip is voting for. Ha! But since I know that AI is filmed almost 6 month in advance... she did not make it in Hollywood. So Philip, you might have a chance.

2) Traveling sucks. Man, I love traveling for pleasure but for work it can get to you fast. I am tired. We have had to do installations in Belmont, Columbia, Charleston and I am tired. But it pays well.

3) Football anyone? A buddy of mine, Jimmy, is putting a flag football team together.

4) I miss my family. Traveling also puts a toll on me since I miss my family greatly.

5) I love my mac.... Jess almost got hacked through myspace and if it wasn't for my mac, someone would have downloaded something to the pc and stole all my information. That is one of the reasons I will never go back to a PC.

One thing I learned this month is that you have to do all things with integrity. If not, things will eventually hunt you down.



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