Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A quiet time!

Today I had a weird quite time. I was tired and I could barely consentrate. I read and prayed. But no answer.... but as my day started and went on the day.... God started revealing to me the passages of the bible that I read. Also, if you have read on my posts before.... you will know that waffle house is a holy place and God speaks in waffle house. I want to say that it might be a very nice place of worship.

Eitherway, Jess and I were having breakfast there and God was so speaking to us about our children..... sometimes we question ourself in our parenting skills and to be honest with you... most of us fail and could be better but that is not the case.... God wired everyone of us a specail way and our special way makes us different in parenting. No couples, parent are the excact same way. It would be absured to think that way.

Just a thought!


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