Monday, January 14, 2008

The Mosaic staff went out for a few days to a beautiful... did I say beautiful.... well, yes, lake house. We had such a great time. Man, we at Mosaic are so blessed. We have a good staff. I am excited to whats going to happen this year. I think the best part of the retreat was the morning session. This session was all about us and how we are wired. We took time and  uplifted each other, we shared our views of each other (Positive). It was so encouraging. It is funny that sometimes we do not know the traits we have and it isn't until we have someone that tells us, that we find out certain things that people see in you. I was overwhelmed by the characteristics and spiritual things people saw in me. I was heart broken and humbled. It was such an encouragement

I suggest an exercises like that for anyone to do.



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