Tuesday, January 1, 2008

1) Jimmy Hammic: A friend that I hold dear. An example of ministry and priority.

2) Jason Kvolick: Wisdom and knowledge. A good friend.
3) Jay Miano: For the inspiration he give me on Monday mornings.
4) John and Laurie Venzon: For a humble heart. For a servants heart.
5) Jack Kelley: Knowing that we can have whatever energy we want.
6) Nick Connelly: One of the greatest people I have ever had the pleasure of serving with.
7) Dan Halou: A gentle touch that makes anything flourish.
8) Iris Hartness: Anything is possible.
9) Richard Hartness: A true husband and servant. He will be the next millionaire.
10) Debbie Meunch: Being loyal is a gift from God.
11) Peter: Welcome to the family.
12) Wayne: Are you sure you are right?
13) Rob Wax: Hospitality is his defenition and bubba burgers are his cause.
14) William Wei: Jesus is alive.
15) Puffy: You light up the fish tank.
16) Kristin Mockler: You light up any room you enter!
17) Jim Garrett: You are there no matter what? You serve without question!
18) Kelly Kemp: A pleasure serving along side of.
19) Mike and Bob: A peace that comes from talking to you both.
20) Chris Crutchfield:  Thanks for everything... I owe you bigtime.
21) Brian Scott: You made my life so much easier:
22) Burt Hayes: An angel on earth. Christ heart in live view.
23) Amy Guberman: Love is patient.
24) Shawn Stinson: You care..... because you want to.
25) Laura Marti: Dreams do come true.

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  1. Iris said...
    Shut up! I just found this today. Thanks for the love! We miss you guys!

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