Friday, December 28, 2007

Recently, parts of my life are getting questioned. It is very bothersome but at the same time it made me re check what I do, why I do it and who am I trying to help or benefit. During this frustrating times, I was able to chat with one of the most brightest and spiritual filled person I know, Filipe. You see, Filipe not only was my Best man in my wedding, but he has been my accountability partner for the past 6 years. I also had the privilege to do the toast in his wedding.

Either way, we exchanged questions as I vented on him. But it wasn't until a week after that conversation that I started questioning myself about my job, my life and my future. Here are some of the questions:

1) Am I innovative and creative in my job?
2) Am I creating opportunities for advancements to the peeps I supervise?
3) Am I on cruise control and cruising or am I with the foot on the pedal and being aggressive?
4) Am I working all the hours my job needs or am I taking advantage of the flexibility of my job?
5) Am I prioritizing my job?
6) Are the people that I am investing in happy?
7) Am I doing all I can do for my job?
8) Do I have pride in my heart?
9) Is position the same as success?
10) Is position worth more that needs?
11) Is job security important?
12) Is position as important as income?
13) Is success determined my position or effectiveness?
14) Am I happy with what I have and am I happy with what I do?
15) How is my quiet time?
16) Is my family happy?
17) Does family interfere with my job? (Not as giving more time to the job but as taking advantage of job flexibility and stealing time from the job to give to family)
18) How are my finances?
19) Is money an issue?
20) Do you feel respected?
21) What do you think of the people you work with?
22) Do you protect their character and integrity?
23) Do you fuel madness when people vent to you?
24) Hows your relationship with God?
25) Do you allow Him to speak to you?
26) Do you spend time with Him?
27) Is your friends concerned about you?
28) Are you honest with what you do?
29) Are you being fruitful?
30) Are you making a difference?
31) Are we using people to our advantage?
32) Are we taking advantage of our status?

These are just some of the many questions I have been asking myself? I score good on some and fail on others. I find myself depending my security to what others think of me r even my performance in every aspect of life. Other times I fuel my security with accomplishments and status. But when it comes to the bottom of everything, If I am cheating in one area, then eventually, everything WILL come crumbling down.

I am not saying that I am cheating on my jobs or anything like that, but what I am saying is that, every once in a while, we have to question ourselves. We have to see our performance, our values, our integrity, our character, our lifestyle, our time, our pockets and see if it is aligned to what we signed up to do.... if it aligns well with the purpose of our lives. If not, then we have to ask our self questions that will help us see where we went wrong and correct it before it is too late.

Hope it helps when making resolutions.


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