Monday, December 31, 2007

Disclaimer: Not in priority order:

1) Daniela Noy (My niece)
2) Joseph instead of Moses. I always wanted a child with my same name.
3) The Hammics 
4) The Kvolicks (Both Hammics and Kvolicks are friends that have become family)
5) Mosaic Church
6) Finance Structure
7) Jose Sorto (Very good friend)
8) Leopard (Makes my mac much funner)
9) iPhoto 08 (Creating memories is now much easier)
10) iWeb 08 (Now my family can keep track of our lives through my new website created in iWeb)
11) God, for giving me another year of happiness.
12) For the news of Joseph. (Another boy)
13) Life insurance through Jess's new job.
14) My 50" Plasma. (Yeah baby)
15) For the iPhone which I still not own. (Soon, but if you have a spare, it is always welcomed)
16) For a peace that surpases understanding. (God can only)
17) For the worse year of my business. (Made me realize that certain things are just not important)
18) My new grill. (I love to grill)
19) For all those friends who provided us opportunities to go on very nice vacations on their expense.
20) The Kemps.
21) My new 200 gig hard drive for my macbook pro.
22) Ray City Church
23) My boat.
24) Facebook
25) Becoming a Pastor


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