Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It is 9am and I am waiting for one of my guys to arrive, so I decided to write. Many of you do not know that I also own a surveillance business ( ). Yeap, I am a pastor and a business owner all at once.... I know, I know... I am crazy but anyways.

It is about 39 degrees with the wind hitting my face at about 25 MPH... yeap... very cold.

We have been installing 2 cameras for the coast gaurd here in Charleston and I am getting very tired. This job should have taken us 2 weeks to complete and I am in our 4th week and we have not finished yet. I can complain and excuse why it has taken this long, even though it was not our fault, but I am not! I am getting doubtful and discouraged.... to be honest.... I would like to quit by right now.

This has been the greatest opportunity... to do a federal contract and I am ready to quit?

But what will happen if I quit, I would have gone $15,000 in debt, disappointed a good friend of mine who gave me the opportunity, would have disappointed myself for failing and more than anything, I would have told God that he is not in control.

So... now what.... I tell myself to suck it up, get over myself, and trust.

Sometimes, quiting is not an option. Sometimes you have to persevere.

I will be victorious... I will not fail... I will succeed.... I will finish the race!


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