Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I also get this question allot when speaking to people that have the desire of leadership. Is there anything I can do to become a better leader?

The second step to better leadership, is to acknowledge your weaknesses. Many leaders speak about using your strength and abilities to become a better person. I agree in some of those areas but I strongly believe that if you know your weaknesses, then you will be able to either improve them or delegate to others the things that you are not good at in that way you can concentrate on the things you are good at. Many leaders concentrate on the things that they are good at and ignore their weaknesses. That is a big mistake. If you had no one to delegate, then concentrate in being better in the things you are not.

For example: I am administratively challenged. If I try to do admin work.... I get lost. It is not because I cannot work, but I tend to forget many things. In many parts of my life, I had to take this role and did the best I can. Also, many times you have no other choice.


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