Monday, September 17, 2007

Today I had a culture shock moment. I love to read blogs.... specially of people who do similar things that what I do. I discovered that nowadays leaders are on top of the fashion industry. I mean.. they are hip. I mean, they wear the big belt buckles, have the nice thick leather watch, the nice puma shoes, listen to the latest U2 album and even wears the nice skin tight black t-shirt from urban with a nice silver eagle in front of it.

Me in the other hand, I do not wear tight jean, I prefer bermudas, I do not wear the skin tight t-shirts, I like my hawaiian shirts, I do not listen to U2, I prefer Phil Collins, I do not wear puma shoes, I prefer my top siders, and I do not like the gel in my head, I hardly even comb my hair.

I guess I am not hip or pimp. I do not know if it is an age deal... maybe I am getting old.

What do you say?


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