Monday, September 10, 2007

Life's Best

This week has been so busy. I mean really busy. Yesturday I put in a 14 hour day at work. The little time I had left was to really rest and finish a few things at home.

In all this hecticness and craziness I have not been able to concentrate on anything but my job and making sure that the new instalation we are doing this week goes on flawlessly. But last night I took the time, as I laid down on the bed to go nite nite, I saw the amazing most precious and most beautiful creature ever created by the hand of God laying down sleeping next to me. The light was dimm but that did not stop me from enjoying the masterpeice God did when he created my wife. All I could see was her face (A Good thing at midnight). I was just humbled and in awe of her beauty. Her skin soft as a child hands. Her lips as yummy as a gummy bear. Her hair more beautiful than any sunset anyone has ever experienced. Her closed eyes reminded me of the peace she provides our family. Her ears displayed the rollercoaster of marriage and how we have overcomed any obstacle that have come our way. Her eye lashes shared the tears of sadness and the tears of joy we both have shared in the past few years. Her nose, wow, her nose dispalys the moments of of intimacy that we have shared, like eskimo kisses.

After a brief moment, I knowhow un worthy I was from such a creation. And praised God for giving me the love of my life, my inspiration, my proverbs 31:10 - 31, my best friend, my lover, my wife.

I believe that for God to give me Jessica, He was showing off.


  1. babes.having.babes said...
    I like her too, not like that of course but I hope we'll be good friends soon.
    babes.having.babes said...
    I like her too - not as much as you of course.... but I hope we'll be friends soon.

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