Sunday, September 9, 2007


People love to be called a leader.... someotime its becasue of the essence of the word or maybe the stature of the word. What make a man or a woman a leader.

For some its sucess while others its power. Leadership has many views but in reality it can be narrowed by one word.


I once heard the story of President George Washington. After being in office for 6 years, his people (the American people) asked him to become a king. The word got to the english King at that time. But this was Washingtons answer:

"My time here is served, no I need to pass this power on."

Leadership is not to be powerful, leadership is when to know when to resign from power. Leadership is not keeping a job, but invest in someone that can do it better. Leadership is not becoming a CEO or a CFO or whatever... leadership is investing in people.

If you can go from job to job and duplicate yourself in each job.... then you might be able to consider yourself a leader....

But one main thing..... Leadership starts not at work nor at church.... leadership starts at home. Investing in your children, in your wife. They are the true judges of your leadership.


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