Friday, September 21, 2007

I have been part of Mosaic church since the idea was laid on Naeems heart. Seeing the idea evolve into an actual church was a miracle in itself. I am not saying that Naeem could have not done it but let me explain.

As our journey started over 2 years ago, the Mosaic launch team decided that schools where the best place to do a church. Location was narrow since a specific area was laid on our pastors heart. Also, Mosaic is to be a place for anyone from any background, nationality, race, lifestyle, occupation, demographics, etc... can come and worship God and also be transformed to his image. After many turn downs and many disappointments for locations in for our services we decided to try to launch on a theater that was not yet built. Ok... if you know about new theaters... they do not like STRANGERS. God granted Naeem favor and the theaters opened the doors to the public on December and by January, we already had the theater.

We launched with about 400 people in a theater that sat 300. By Easter, we had to add a second service and also past the 550 mark. By September 10th, we had to get rid of our young crowd to open more seats so Naeem found this beaten, smelly, ugly looking concert bar and he decided to do church there on Sunday evenings which was a success. On December 24th, we started our 3rd morning service (4th total services). By then we where averaging over 600 peeps. Last Easter we had 1100 (which sat in stairs, hallways, parking areas, (I bet some just went to a movie) ) What is up with that?

We are maxed out in 3 of our 4 services. After trying to figure out this whole deal and how to be able to accommodate all of those that did not have a place to sit down... Naeem came up with a crazy idea thanks to all those insane Northpoint Church people. We started 2 services side by side but one is live and the other is on video.... AND IT WORKED. Holy cow! It is crazy. Now we can reach all of those un-churched people. The sad part is that we will be full again within the next few months. So, any ideas... throw them our way.

Not only that, our high school service, "412", meets once a month. Any youth leader knows that a once a month youth service DOES NOT WORK AND IT DOES NOT LAST. Well, our services attendance is about 80 students on a regular basis. WOW!

Since we launched, Mosaic has been able to hire a total staff of 5. Which means that our church is ran by volunteers. Any pastor reading this post will know that for a church of 800 people, you need at least 8 Pastors on staff plus everything in between. We do it with only 2 pastors, 3 directors, and one office manager.

Back to my question: "Is Mosaic really led by God?" Absolutely. If you come to Mosaic, you will know.


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