Saturday, September 1, 2007


I was listening to a song just a few minutes ago. I really do not know what the song was all about but I went through my life in a few seconds. It was like if God was showing me my life from when I was born till now. My eyes got watered as I reallized how blessed I was. I saw myself with the best parents in the world. I had an awesome childhood. I had an awesome teenage years. Even though, my home was broken, it seemed like it did not affect me. Sadness was never part of my life during those years. I realized how blessed I was to have a mom that lead me to God. To have a dad that loved me. To have two beautiful sisters. To have the best grandparents in the world.

After that, I was taken to my current years. I realized I married the most wonderful, most beautiful and wow woman in the world. She cares for me, loves on me, and tells me how wonderful I am. She gave me 2 children. They are the light in my eyes. They are so well behaved and so polite. They are so funny and they bring me so much joy.

In the past 10 years, I always loved the places I worked. I always made great friends. I did get my heart broken but it was worth it. Now, I am 28 years old. I am married to a super model and have super model kids. I own a growing company and have been blessed with the best 2 employees in the world. I love them and hope that I can always show my appreciation to them. I hope they never leave. I bought the house of my dreams. I drive an awesome car, Jess does too. We attend the greatest church in the world and most of all, I was asked to help with the upcoming greatest church in the world. God brought good friends to my life like Filipe, Rocco, Naeem, Jon, Donald just to name a few. These people have impacted my life for the better. They are my friends.

After that, I realized how God, even though I do not deserve any, He decided to bless me. Why would He! I do not know. There are tons of other people that deserve more and have less. Why would God, The Almighty, The Soverign God, The Lion of Judah, The Alpha and Omega, The Son of Man would ever give me such blessing. I am not worthy of any. I am not worthy of such a wife or such kids. I am not worthy of such a job or such friends. I am not worthy. I am not worthy of such expansion in my teritory. I hardly speak with God, I give Him just my tithe never more. I hardly read His word. I hardly seek Him. One thing I know is that I always hear His Voice. His Majesty.

Why would He? I do not know. But one thing I can tell you is that anyone who reads this blog is more worthy of all I have.

I guess, the day that he calls me home, I will know. Probably, I won't care. I mean, if I see Him. What would I do? Probably just cry. Maybe be a hug or a bow. I do not know.

All I know is that I am humbled by my life. I have had the greatest life any man can ever imagine having and it is getting better by the day. I am humbled becasue I know, you know, that I do not desrve it. I am not worthy of it. I am not worhty of being called a son of the ALmighty. I am humbled. I am humbled.


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