Thursday, September 20, 2007

Today, my daughter Abi and I went on a breakfast date to waffle house. She chose that restaurant because she loves their hash browns. We played with her polly pockets as the food was being cooked. Right before the food got to our table... Abi said:

Daddy, you want to know something?

I said: What?

And she replied: I love you!

I really wanted to cry. That moved me so much. I can't believe those simple letters can give such an excitement and move me so much. I just sat there for a few minutes... enjoying these words over and over again in my mind. Then it dawn to me:

God knows my heart. He knows the depths of my heart. The sin and crap that I do not even remember and he decided to love me in spite of me. I also know that I am not the best dad. I can always be better but she loved me in spite of me.

As my mind dipped itself in the words of my daughter and the love of my God, I just had to take a time and worship God for everything he has given me because I do not deserve any of it.


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  1. Phillip McCart said...
    Great post man. I got home last night after bedtime from being gone for four days and I was so happy that Anita let Savannah Grace stay up to greet me. God is incredible in how he supplies us with love and support.

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