Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I was reading a blog a few minutes ago that reminded me of some of the challenges we pastors face when we are part of a growing ministry. This can also apply for those of you entrepreneursthat have a growing business. Everyone has a limit on what they can do. Not only do we have personal, spiritual and emotional weaknesses we also have weaknesses when we try to do things we just can't. Sometimes we try our best to reach and control every single aspect of what we do. I mean... to the most insignificant details. It gets to a point where those insignificant details are the things that you  fight and argue about the most. I get emails about this all the time. And at the end of the day... you look back and realized that you just ruined your day for something that does not even matter.

That is a problem. It is a problem we all face. It can be faced in ministry, work, friendship, even in your own family. For example it is like me trying get my kids ready for school. That is a very big weakness for me. I mean my kids for me look great when I drop them off, but by the looks on the teachers, I know I must have done something wrong. It turned out my daughters hair was all in her face, they both did not match when it came to clothing and the kids DO NOT WEAR SANDALS TO P.E.

My wife can do all this things so good. You see, when it comes to that, she is far better. It does not mean that I should not take turns and get the kids ready. I do have to learn too. But I have to acknowledge that I have a weakness.

Ok.. Jose... I get it, so what is your solution?

I am glad you asked. This is a bad word for some people, but it will save your life...


When you delegate, you have to:

1) Acknowledge your weaknesses
2) Acknowledge your strengths
3) Seek for those who are strong where you are weak.
4) Let go!

You are limited by the amount of team member you have. Basically, you are as successful as your team is. Lets do the math, if you are a dreamer and a visionary but lack a manager you are doing half the job because you cannot manage. Its math... its all about math and quantity.

Conclusion: If you want to be successful in what you do, you have to create a team and give to them as much as you can without burning them. And let go of everything that is tide to what you just delegated.


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