Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I hear it all the time, see it all the time, and sometimes even be very close to the subject. We live in a time where commitment has no value. Where people do not mind loosing their honor, integrity and character in order to be selfish and acquire the things that they want.

What ever happened to honor, integrity, character, valor, responsibility, honesty, loyalty.

These words are ceasing to exist in the dictionary of these times.

Ok.. ok..ok, I know... what does that have to do with a gift for a child.

We live in a society that commits to marriage without committing. Yeap... the definition of commitment in this time goes something like this:

"Yeap, I say I do until I feel that I shouldn't and then it is ok to change my mind".

What is up with that? Can your Yes be Yes and Your No be No?

I can most likely go on and on about divorce but I am not.

The best gift any child can have in this world is for them to know that Mommy and Daddy love each other. Not only by words but by actions too. Children pick on all of this stuff. They know when something is not right. The truth is, the security of a child relies on the love that the parents have for each other not on the love that the parents have for the child. I am not saying that you should not love your child... that would be foolish and selfish and is as bad as divorce. But I am saying that children need to know that their parents love each other more that the world. Actually, children need to know that Daddy has mommy in a higher priority than them. I might get a few emails about that sentence.

Let me give you an example: If you come home from a day full of work and you play with the kids and then you give your attention to your wife, you are doing your kids a disfavor. If you want to bring up a healthy family and also give security to your children then you action should be more like this:

You come home from work, the kids are going to run and greet you, give them a kiss and a hug, ask them about their day as you make your way to your wife, then hug her and kiss her in front of your kids, and tell her that you missed her and ask her about her day, all of this before playing with the kids.

Spend about 15 minutes with your wife before going to your kids. They might fuzz at you in the beginning but the rewards cannot be measured.

Studies says that parent that spend 15 minutes together after work before playing with their kids as their kids watch, will have a dramatically improvement in behavior and academics.

What is the best gift any child can ever have?

The love the parents show each other.


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