Monday, December 31, 2007

I am Legend

Ok... if you have not seen the movie... go see it. If you have not seen the movie, then DO NOT READ this blog. I might ruin it for you. Freaky and may give you a heart attack in a few spots but this movie has some God undertones to it. For example:

1) The wife prays with the husband in Jesus name and after that the child tells the dad, Robert Neville, (Will) to look for the butterfly.
2) Robert has a conversation with someone and the person said that God led them to him.
3) Robert says that God did not do this to humanity but they did it to themselves.
4) He sees the butterfly
5) What God revealed to the lady came true.

This is definitely a anti stem research movie (Which I like) and a pro God movie. Also, I love the fact that the last computers still standing, according to the movie, are macs.

You can probably google it and get plenty of opinions about the movie. There is another site that summerizes the movie well:


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